How is your personal information processed and used by


How do we use your personal information


This message applies to unauthorized access to personal data in protection mechanisms, allows to protect your personal data. The latter includes information that will obtain during duration of service, which in accordance with the Georgian legislation, will be subsequently used for direct marketing purposes. The purpose of this message is to provide you with information about the principles of our work and your legal protection mechanisms when processing personal information.


Guarantee to protect the Personal Data privacy


We, the team, promise:


To ensure your personal data security and protection;

Not to use your personal data illegally;

To provide you at any time with full and comprehensive information about processing your personal data.


How does the law protect you?


Similar the guaratee of privacy protection of personal data, this data is protected by the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection.


According to the legislation, you are entitled to require from us information about processing your data. You have the right to get the following information:


  • Which data about you is being processed;
  • The purpose of the data processing;
  • The legal basis for the data processing;
  • How was your data collected;
  • To whom your data was transferred;
  • The basis and purpose of transmitting data.


You can request a copy of information processed by us.


According to the legislation you have the right to request that your personal data be corrected, updated, added, blocked, deleted or destroyed if it is incomplete, inaccurate, not renewed, or if it has been collected and processed in violation of the law. We act in compliance with the Georgian legislation, which may prevent us from deleting your personal data immediately. Such obligations may arise from tax legislation, consumer rights protection and other relevant legislation.


The obligation to provide this information is arising to upon your request. We are entitled to use personal data only if we have a specific contractual and / or legal basis for this. has a legitimate base for the use of your information, which implies a business related and / or commercial purpose. It is important that even in such case, processing of information by does not imply affecting of your interests.


Types of information collected and its use


We collect two types of information about our customers: personal identification information (“personal information”) and non-personally identifiable information.


Personal identification information.


Personal identification information is the information through which a specific user is identified. When you are involved in an activity through our website, we may ask you to provide certain information about yourself. This activities  include:


  • Open an account


  • Order a product with us or our partners


  • Send information and / or post any information on the review page


  • Participate in competitions or surveys funded by us or our partners


  • Post a comment, sharing your opinion with us or our partners


  • Request information about our services


Submit an application for employment to us

  • Register through our website for special offers of the third parties (jointly referred to as “Identification Activities”).


You are not obliged to be involved in identification activities. However, if you decide to engage in an identifying activity, we may ask you to provide certain personal information, such as your name and family name, email address, gender and date of birth, as well as other additional information about you that is optional. When you order products or services, we may also ask you to provide your credit card number, its expiration date, authenticity code or other information. The latter is not stored on our website as payment is made to our partner bank;s security server. Therefore, we do not have access to your credit card information. Depending on what type of activity you engage in, some information will be mandatory and some will be optional. If you do not submit the required information for a specific activity, you will not be able to engage in that activity.


Non-personally identifiable information.


Non-personally identifiable information is information that does not identify a specific user. This type of information may include circumstances such as “Uniform Resource Locator” URL of the website you visited before entering our website, URL of the the website you visit after leaving our website, the type of browser you are using and the IP address of your Internet Protocol. We and / or authorized third party service providers and advertisers can automatically receive this information when you use our website. This is applicable through electronic mechanisms such as Cookies, Web Beacons, Pixel Tags.


On our website we collect information about Cookies,  navigation and behavior of users, in particular:


  • IP address, device type, operating system and browser from which the website is accessed.
  • We collect information about pages opened on our website, session lengths and various settings of the session.
  • Information about the actions that took place on our website: filling out forms, using interactive elements of the website, etc.
  • The process, time and form of filling in the fields on the website.


Personal information groups


We group your personal information as follows:


Types of personal information



Detailed information about the products and services we provide to you


Information about your location that may obtain from your mobile phone, internet address of your computer, or the location of the facility where you perform operations


Detailed information about how you use our products and services


Information about the devices and technology you use


The information that would obtain about you through correspondences/letters, emails and any other means of communication between the client and





Why we use your personal information?


  • For a relationship with you;


  • To increase the intensity of website usage;


  • To meet your requirements, to develop new ways of cooperation and to grow our business;


  • To develop and implement effective marketing activities;


  • To explore how customers use of our products and services;


  • To get advices or recommendations regarding our products and services;


  • To develop / manage our brands, products and services;


  • To deliver our products and services;


  • To make and manage customers payments;


  • Fordetecting financial crimes, reporting and prevention;


  • To manage our risksand risks of our customers;


  • To comply with laws and regulations relevant to us;


  • To respond to complaints and find ways to resolve them;


  • To manage our business effectively and in a proper manner, which includes our financial positioning, business opportunities, planning, communications and corporate governance;


  • To exercise the rights and obligation;


Our purpose:


  • Upgrade data, identify products and services of your interest and provide this information to you;


  • Development of products and services;


  • Determining customers focus groups for new products or services;


  • Effective performance of our legal duties and contractual obligations;


  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations for us.



From what sources do we obtain personal information?




We may obtain personal information about you from the sources provided to by you and listed below.


We receive data from you in the following cases:


  • When you contact us to get our products or services;
  • When the communication is by phone and / or e-mail
  • When you use our websites, mobile applications and web chat;
  • When you send mails in both as non-electronic (physical) and electronic form.



Our legal basis


  • Your consent;


  • Performance of contractual obligations;


  • Our lawful interests;


  • Our legal duty;


  • Ensure compliance with regulations.



 Cookies (“Ready Records”)


We use Cookies and monitor the behavior of users on our website to ensure that we offer the best experience on our website and to be able to constantly improve the quality of service.


On our website we collect information about Cookies, navigation and behavior of users, in particular:


  • IP address, device type, operating system and browser from which the website is accessed.We collect information about pages opened on our website, session length and various parameters of sessions.Information about the actions that took place on our website: filling out forms, using interactive elements of the website, etc.The process, time and form of filling in fields on the website.


We use the collected information:


  • To optimize processes, fields and website design in order to generate website statistics.


  • To protect website users and prevent fraudulent activities.


  • To prevent money laundering, terrorism financing and other criminal activities;


  • To monitor the flow of users on the website and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


  • The obtained information allows us to adapt the website and its components according to the needs of the user.


  • We also use cookies to track how users will get to our website and to generate Google Analytics reports.


Before using the website, you can agree to the Cookies and the notice of observation of users behavior by clicking the “Consent” button. If you do not agree to “Cookie Policy”, but continue to use the website, this action will still be considered as your consent to the above mentioned action.


We do not use cookie files and data obtained from observing user behavior to collect personal information. If you want to restrict cookies or block them on our website, you can do so by changing your browser settings. In addition, please note that some of the services we offer will not operate if you block or delete the cookie files.



Whom will we share your personal data with?



We may need to share your personal data in the cases defined by the legislation of Georgia, as well as with other organizations that must deliver the product or service of your choice, or provide you with certain services, on condition that:


  • Before sharing such information, the parties shall agree to keep your data secure and confidential.


We reserve the right, in cases strictly defined by law, to give law enforcement agencies access to your personal data for the exercise of official powers, including the detection, investigation and prevention of crime.


If you do not want to provide (disclose) your personal information, we may be delayed and unable to fulfill our obligations to you, including the use of your account or provision of relevant services.




We may pass your information during the business transfer



Your personal data may be shared as a result of the company reorganization and / or merger. In this case, our legal successor will receive all of the information available to us, including your personal identification information. Nevertheless, this Privacy Policy will apply to your personal identification information without any restrictions.


We may disclose your information to protect you or others


We reserve the right to disclose your personal identification information as required by law and when we consider it necessary to protect our rights and / or to secure any legal action, court decision / ruling or other legal process against the Website. We also reserve the right to give out information related to you for the following purposes: adherence to and implementation of this policy; conformity with and implementation of the terms and conditions of use of our website or any other agreement; protecting the rights, property or security of the Website, its users or others.



Information security


We take special obligation for security issues and make a number of actions to protect personal identification information. Your personal identification information is available on our website only if your password and e-mail address are specified. This password is encrypted. We recommend not to share your password with anyone. In addition, your personal identification information is stored on a protected server, which is accessible only to relevant personnel and contractors.. Although you enter your personal credit card details when you purchase the product on our site, we do not have access to your credit card information and we do not store such data. Your credit card is under the control of our partner bank.


Unfortunately, any data transmission over the internet or wireless network cannot be guaranteed to be completely secured. We take commercially sufficient security measures to protect data, and we also aspire to establish links with those organizations only which address this issue in the same way. However, we do not guarantee the security of the information transmitted to or from the Website and we do not bear responsibility for the actions of any third party who may obtain such information without permission.


The information protection policy of the Third Party website


The information protection policy applies only to the use and disclosure of the information we receive from you at Other websites that may be redirected from our website have their own information protection policy and data collection, as well as the principle for using and disclosing such information. If you visit similar website, we advise you to read their privacy policy. We do not assume the responsibility for the activities of the third parties.


Various issues of the information protection


Minors under 18 may not use We do not store or collect information from individuals under 18 on purpose. Accordingly, if we learn that a user is under the age of 18, we will take appropriate actions to delete the user’s personal information from our database. By using, you thereby verify that you are at least 18 years old.


Public comments


We can assign the space on our website where you can post information about yourself publicly, communicate with others through forums or blogs, view products and share content. This information will be made available to other users and organizations and may also appear on other websites and Internet search tools. Consequently, this information may be made available, collected and used by others. For example, if you specify you email address when commenting publicly about a product or service, you may receive inappropriate, unwanted mail. We have no control over who reads the information you post publicly and freely on the website and who uses it and how. Therefore, please be cautious when posting any of your personal information publicly on the website. We will usually get permission from our user before we indicate their name alongside their comment.


Facebook Connect website allows users to log in Facebook Connect to be linked with friends and share information through the Facebook wall or friends news feed. If you have already registered an account with and Facebook, by clicking on, both of your profiles will be merged unless your email addresses do not match. If your email addresses do not match, we will ask if you would like to combine them. You will then enter your password to confirm that Facebook controls this account. If you are registered on but not Facebook and you click on Facebook Connect, you will be suggested a Facebook mandate or registration on Facebook. If you continue, you will make your information available to website and at the same time, agree to the terms of use of Facebook when using the websites. Contrarily, if you are not currently a registered user of and you click on Facebook Contact, you will be principally asked to enter your Facebook mandate and then you will be able to register on and join As soon as you register on the website and join Facebook, you can simultaneously post information about your latest activities on Facebook. You can turn off the Facebook connection option at any time, by logging in to My Profile and clicking on My Facebook Profile.


The users should be aware that they would not be automatically logged out after completion of work on the website and their data will be available to a third party until the end of the session. Any responsibility in this regard will be fully borne by the user. reserves the right to define and change the terms and conditions of the session.


The security of your information on the website


  • Third parties (applications / services): By using com your information about device number, model, brand, name, operating system version and the application version will be transferred to the applications such as Google Analytics,, Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrica and These applications are in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Guide)


  • Retaining / deletion policy: You can request the deletion of your data by sending an appropriate request by email notification. Once received the request, com will remove your data from the list to stop data processing.


How long do we store personal information?


We store your personal data throughout your service period.


As well, up to 10 years after the end of the service for the following reasons:


  • To respond to questions and complaints;


  • To prove that we have treated you fairly;


  • For the purpose of keeping records in compliance with the relevant regulations / rules.



We may store your personal information for more than 10 years if we are unable to delete it for legal or statutory reasons. If you believe that any of your data stored with us is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us to state your doubts. We will take all adequate measures to verify and correct this inaccuracy. You are entitled not to agree to the use of your personal data, or to request their deletion, removal or termination of its use without having legal basis for their storage by us. Contact us if you do not agree to the use of your data by us, if you have any questions or if you would like to remove or restrict using of your data.


Changes to the information protection policy


We reserve the right to modify this information protection policy at any time. Any changes to the information protection policy will be promptly posted on the information protection and other sites that we believe will keep you informed of what information we collect, how we use it and at what time we disclose it (where applicable, as required by law). You will be notified of any substantial changes to the protection policy by email or by posting a notice on our homepage. It is your responsibility to periodically review the information protection policy.




We may use your personal information to identify specific products and offers for you.


We have access to your personal data to the extent that you share it with us, or we collect it in the process of providing services to you through the available means.


We will examine your data to find out what you need, what you are interested in, or what is your desire. That is how we choose which product, service or offer may be appropriate for you.


We use your personal information and send you marketing messages only when we have a lawful interest in doing so. We promise that our activities will never be unfair, wrong or directed against your interests.


You can contact us at any time and ask to stop sending marketing messages. We respect your wishes and once we receive such a notice, we will stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes.


In case if you have any questions regarding our information protection policy, our standard rights and obligations or the processing of your data, please contact us using the following communication means:


Address: Tsalka Municipality, village Dashbashi

Tel: +995 598 500 660




By electronically admitting / acknowledging our Terms and Conditions, you accept that you agree to this Privacy Policy; the information provided by you is accurate and reliable. The information was provided at your discretion and you have all the rights and permissions provided by law.


By electronically admitting / acknowledging these Terms, you also authorize us, at our own discretion and in accordance with applicable law, at any time and in any quantity, from any source, to request and receive information about you, including personal data, for the purpose of their familiarization, verification, comparison, analysis, storage and fulfilment of legal and/or contractual obligation(s).